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Tsinglan School

author:school release date:2017-05-04 16:48:45

Tsinglan School is a K-12 international school committed to blending the best of Chinese and Western education philosophies and practices. The School is funded by Huawei Investment & Holdings, and managed by Tsinghua High School.

Between 2017 and 2020, the school's transition campus is located in Huawei Songshan Lake Southern Apartment Complex.  It covers an area of 37,000 square meters with a construction area of 13,000 square meters. After 2020, the school will be relocated to the new site of Songshan Lake Science and Technology Park.

Curriculum at Tsinglan School is built upon the Tsinghua High School International Curriculum, which integrates Chinese and Western education philosophies, blends the best domestic and international educational practices, and delivers a unique international education with Chinese heritage and Tsinghua characteristics.

We provide education to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The four Schools include Kindergarten, Lower School (grades 1 to 5), Middle School (grades 6 to 8), and Upper School (grades 9 to 12). From Kindergarten to Lower school, students are immersed in a Chinese-English bilingual environment. From Middle to Upper School, students will gradually transition to English only teaching, and be prepared for future top-level international university education.

In 2017, Tsinglan School plans to enroll students 3-5 years of age (20 students), Kindergarten (20 students), Lower School grades 1-5, and Middle School grades 6-7 (grade 1 has 40 students for 2 classes, other grades each have 20 students).

Tsinghua University High School’s educational mission statement of the academy is, "cultivate limitless talents, and create a limitless world." Encourage students to try and all is possible.

We strive to integrate the best educational resources and teaching practices to build a world-class educational platform. We work to educate the child to completeness through humanities, science, technology, fine arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities. At Tsinglan School, students will develop language, literary, cultural knowledge, creative thinking, collaboration skills, independence, freedom, and, responsibility.

Address:Tsinglan School in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, Guangdong Province.

Zip Code:523808



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