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Set Sail in Preschool

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Grace Gao,PreK-K Director,Homeroom Teacher.

Mrs. Gao graduated from the Beijing Institute of Education majoring in English and pre-school education., She has participated in AMS Montessori College’s 3-6-year-old Montessori teaching method training, and is a certified Montessori teacher. She has served as an English teacher, Montessori teacher, teaching director and other positions in her 16-year career s of pre-school education. As a result, she has a wealth of knowledge regarding early childhood education, especially Montessori education. 


Jack Cheng,PreK-K  Homeroom Teacher.

Mr. Cheng graduated M.A. from Yunnan University. He has participated in Chinese Language and Culture Program at Beijing Normal University and has taught K-8 Chinese, math and science in American Immersion Language School. He is certified as a language acquisition teacher by the University of California, Los Angeles, and U.S. elementary school teacher. He has been awarded “Teaching Star”at his school, the highest awards by College Board, and “Outstanding Visiting Teacher”by Hanban (Office of Chinese Language Council International).


Hart Pittard,PreK-K Homeroom Teacher.

Mr. Pittard graduated from University of North Carolina. He has worked at International Montessori Kindergarten since 2012 and have Montessori Teaching Certification. His teaching goal is to create a safe, interesting, and fun class atmosphere in which children can unlock their potentials and learn from life. He also believes that encouraging and praising children will make them more independent, confident, socially intelligent, and respectful of themselves and others.





Elaine Du,Traditional music teacher.

Ms. Du is a teacher at Tsinghua Univeristy Middle School. At the age of 4, she was elected to join the CCTV Art Ensemble to study music, and then studied for her Master’s degree in Fine Arts at the Renmin University of China majoring in folk music, music directing, and choreography. She won first place for Jazz Group in College Hip-pop Dancing Challenges three times in a row. After studying international music in the International Communication Institution of Korea at Silla University, South Korea, she wrote an original musical drama, “Dreaming as You Are Young,” in which she was the main actress, composer and choreographer. Then she was invited to participate in large musical drama, “Rocking the Western Chamber,” serving as its art director and performing in Beijing Exhibition Center. 


Wang Lu,kindergarton internship. A Communist with the bachelor’s degree, graduated from Electronic Informatin Science & Technology at Wanxi College and joined the army serving at the 17th brigade of Beijing Headquarters of People’s Armed Police as the guard of foreign embassy. 

He had been the rapporteur and news reporter in the army due to his excellent quality.

He is an open-minded and optimistic person with a wide range of interests, especially excel in biking and many kinds of ball sports. During the time of college, he biked across the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, Yunnan-Tibet Highway, Xinjiang-Tibet Highway and Qinghai-Tibet Highway many times and the majority of mainland of China as well. 

Tsinglan School proves to be a huge stage full of great potienal and magnificent careers to him. He truly believes that he can have a better future here and creat more opportunities for both school and himself.


 Zhang Yuezhe,PreK-K caretaker.

Mrs. Zhang graduated from Xinjiang Medical University majoring in nursing. She has 5 years of experience in preschool education, firmly believes in the equality between children and adults, and applies that belief in real life. She respects children,  and loves accompanying children to grow.


Yang Yan( Daisy),Montessori Class Lead teacher

Yan graduated from Tianjin Normal University majoring in English Teaching and Early Childhood Education. She has AMS 2.5-6 Credential and TEM-8 Certificate. She previously worked as AMS Training Course Field Consultant and Admission Director.   She gained about 10 years working experience in Montessori Early Childhood Education and is passionate about the subject. She has done extensive research on preschool children's development and family education. Yan’s strength is instruction design based on individualism. Yan has received honor as "Outstanding Montessori Teacher" many times. She is devoted to promoting Montessori Early Childhood development in China.


Liu Jingjing, Kindergarten assistant, graduated from South China Normal University music department. She has been in preschool education for 11 years and has served as head teacher and teaching director. Part of her kindergarten work involves "Music Nourishing", "collective inquiry" curriculum research and development. In 2011, she represented Shenzhen South Mt. District and participated in Shenzhen Kindergarten teachers basic Skills competition and won first prize. She received kindergarten director qualification in Guangdong Province in 2015. She participated in AMS (ages 3-6) in 2016 for certified teacher training and received certification qualification.


Abi Carter, Kindergarten intern. She went to Richard Huish College in Somerset, England and studied Art Textiles, English and Media. She is very creative and particularly love art and design. She likes to go skiing, play hockey, listen to music and go on adventures in her spare time! This will be her first time visiting China and She’s really looking forward to the experience and working with the Tsinglan team! 


Ms. Li Ying (Emma), kindergarten assistant teacher, graduated from East China Normal University majoring in preschool education. She has been working in Montessori kindergarten since 2015. As a preschool teacher, she believes that education should be student-centered. Educators should respect children first before helping them achieve their dreams.


Mustafa, Kindergarten homeroom teacher, He graduated from the University of Phoenix USA with a BA in Science of Education and from the High Institute of Languages Egypt in Sixth of October City with a BA in languages (German language)

He has been a teacher for more than seven years and has taught primary students and kindergarten kids. Teaching is his greatest passion. His humorous teaching style, easy-going personality and hard-working work ethics received popularity among students and parents.  He loves sports, travelling, hiking and can speak fluent English, Arabian, and German.



Meimei Deng (May), Kindergarten intern.

May received her B.A. in English. She passed CET6 and was rated A. She is an English examiner of NELTS. She has five years of English teaching and kindergarten teaching experience. Her lessons of "My Magic Friend" and "My dream" were evaluated as Excellent lessons in kindergarten. She received honors as Excellent English Teacher and Outstanding teacher many times. She enjoys discovering beauty with the lovely kids. She loves reading and travelling.


Mrs. Winter. the kindergarten homeroom teacher, graduated from Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont, USA, with a bachelor’s degree in Science. She holds a Vermont State Professional Educator’s License in Elementary Education and Special Education. She has been teaching at Fair Haven Grade School for 5 years. In that capacity, she developed innovative approaches that were repeatedly held up as the model standard for meeting district goals in technology integration across the curriculum, experiential learning, literacy and diversity.Mrs. Winter sees her classroom as a community of learners and strives to create an atmosphere that encourages exploration and creativity. Her ultimate goal for students is that they develop the skills and knowledge necessary to lead fulfilled, self-directed lives.



Yin Jie, Kindergarten intern. She graduated from Qingdao Technologic University, Qindao College.

She has a cheerful personality and strong work ethics. She is good at communication, teamwork and creativity. She loves her work and love the children here! She devotes herself to her job and she will apply the knowledge she has learned in school to her teaching practice. She will keep learning and developing her teaching methods so as to nurture children to healthy and happy individuals. 


Tingting Zhang, PreK-K Intern, graduated from Sichuan Normal University with a bachelor degree and Nanjing Normal University with a master degree, majoring in preschool education. She once collaborated with NGOs to design curriculums and guidebooks for children and teachers in rural areas. She is devoted to art and knows how to organize art activities with young children. She believes that play and art both have an influence in shaping young children’s personality. She hopes to grow with children while supporting them.


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