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Progress with Mutual Dependence

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The teaching support teamand teachers are interdependent and interconnected. In its beginning stage, the Tsinglan School will sort out relations between them through setting up relevant rules and standards to accommodate the rapid development of our school. 

Teaching Support Team 


Yin Dong (Dong), IT Administrator. He is a middle school senior teacher. He loves technology, and is familiar with multiple programming languages and analyzes. He independently develops desktops and Internet programs. He was the former Dean of the School of Information Center, classroom coordinator, part time researcher in Beijing, Haidian District, and an expert for Haidian District’s Wisdom Teaching Project. He won the first prize in national middle and elementary school tablet PC competitions. In recent years, he has been devoted to nurturing and improving teachers’ abilities to integrate Internet information with curriculum.


Wang Yabin, Human Resources Officer, graduated from Heibei University’s English Department. She has served as an English teacher and a human resources officer for foreign companies. She is responsible for salaries, training, compensation, performance appraisal, and employee career development. She has obtained a certificate in Human Resources Administration training. In addition, she obtained TEFL international teacher qualification. Her hobbies include music, reading, and sports.


Ying Zhang, Assistant to Principal, Director of Student Development Center, a graduate of Beijing Foreign Studies University and University of Texas at Dallas, with 14 years of working experience, she worked at Bulgaria and Sweden and then came back and settled in China after staying 7 years in the United States. 

She has accumulated profound experiences of western culture and rich experiences in cross-cultural management practices. While studying at university of Texas in the United States, she really had a very good and deep understanding of American society, culture and education. She trusts that if try with enthusiasm and efforts, anything is possible. She hopes she can discover the values of life during the journey of exploring the true meaning of education together with all Tsinglan School team!


Fan Zimin,piano teacher, assistant of student development center.

A pianist who’s been living in France, Ms. Fan graduated from the Conservatoireà Rayonnement Régional de Toulon, France, with a master’s degree in piano performance and accompaniment. In 2016, she was admitted to the Haute Ecole de Musique deLausanne, Switzerland, to study piano performance. She has held multiple piano recitals in France and China, performed with the Symphony Orchestra of Toulon Opera, and the Cannes Symphony Orchestra in Provence, France. In addition, she is a chamber music pianist, and has performed in many chamber music festivals, such as the Les Nuits Pianistiques, and the Les Nuits Music alesde Mazaugues.


Wade Putman, Librarian. 

Mr. Putman graduated from the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Chinese Language. He is fascinated by China and Chinese culture, and hopes to use the library as a platform for students to read widely. His hobbies include reading, cooking, traveling, and adventure. He looks forward to growing together with the school and its children at Songshan Lake.


Lu Yan (Candy), Cashier. She graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law majoring in accounting.  She is outgoing and positive. In addition to her trainings in economics and accounting, she taught herself the basics of securities and funds, and acquired a Securities Practitioners’ Qualification.  She is careful with work, and her work philosophy is: "no matter big or small, all issues must be dealt with carefully.”


Wu Yanhao (Sam), Academic Assistant, earneda Master's degree inInternational Chinese Education at Yunnan University, with research in foreign language teaching and students’ motivation and attribution. Selected by Hanban,the Chinese Language Council International, and the College Board, he has taught in the Shaker Heights City School District, Ohio. He has a good understanding of the American primary and middle school education.


Connor Wang, Assistant of Admissions & Marketing, graduated from Beijing International Studies University, majoring in English translation; Visiting Scholar of New York Military Academy, USA. Also majored in translation theory and practice, cross-cultural communication; Cheerful personality, a wide range of hobbies, proficient in photography.


Candy Chang,Science lab technician.

Ms. Chang graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics with a Master’s degree in Materials Chemistry. Her research has focused on biological detection and Nano-materials synthesis. She has published articles on the SCI-indexed magaine RSC Advances: “Colorimetric Detection of HVA by self-assembly of Au Nano-rods with DNA Double Helix Side-by-side, End-to-end Structures” as a first author, and on SCI-indexed magazine ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces: “Gold Nano-disks arrays for localized surface Plasmon resonance based detection of PSA cancer markers” as a second author. Her hobbies include Japanese and anime.  She has established a Japanese language club, which received multiple awards as an excellent club.


Frank Liu,Calligraphy teacher,office assistant.

Mr. Liu is a Tsinghua High School integration teacher. He graduated from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. He comes from a calligraphers’ family, and started learning calligraphy since childhood. When he studied in Beijing, his teacher was Zhao Shufan, calligrapher, painter, and professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Mr. Liu’s calligraphy expertise is in the regular script of Ou Yangxun, Wang Xizhi, Wang Xianzhi, Zhao Mengfu, and Yan Zhenqing. He has a profound Chinese cultural foundation, and is a member of the Beijing Institute of Education Calligraphy Education Association. 


Yan Zexiong (Chris), Sports Teacher, graduated from Beijing Sports University (B.A. & M.A.) majoring in volleyball.  He also enjoys basketball and fitness.  In addition, Yan plays Guzheng (the Chinese zither) and received a Guzheng 9th level certificate. His life motto is: Do your best!


Shao Bin,PE teacher,assistant of student development center.

Mr. Shao graduated from Qingdao University of Technology and Beijing Sports University, majoring in basketball, and is experienced in teaching and training young people to play basketball.  He understands the importance of sports to young people’s mental and physical health, and advocates developing children’s sports interests and habits early on so that sports can become a part of children’s lives.


Liu Hongbo,PE teacher,assistant of resource management center.

Mr. Liu graduated from Hunan University of Science and Technology and outdoor Beijing Sports University majoring in badminton. He also enjoys sports such as basketball, swimming, table tennis, and running. In addition, he enjoys reading about history, geography, and social science, traveling, American TV shows, music, and movies.


Liu Yan (Sophie), Assistant in the Resource Management Center, is a teacher at Tsinghua University Middle School. She earned a Master’s degree from Zhongshan University as a student of Chinese phenomenologist, Mr.Ni Liangkang. She was selected to study at Taiwan National Dong Hwa University and gained an understanding of the culture in Taiwan.  Mr.Liu has agreat passion for education, a strong sense of responsibility, and rich management and teaching experience.


Tracy, Taiwanese , Master’s  degree , graduated from the National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, majoring in logistics management. Having experience of exchange student in public administration at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.  While at college worked as planning assistant, teaching assistant, vice captain of the swimming team and publicity representative of the Logistic department. Love swimming, diving and other outdoor sports and have six years experience in swimming teaching.


Wang Qizhong,PE teacher,assistant of resource management center.

Mr. Wang graduated from Beijing Sports University majoring in martial arts. He once was the runner-up of the 75kg free combat, the champion of martial arts repertoire, the champion of youth martial art championship, and the champion of martial art at the 2nd sports games at Bayannur in Inner Mongolia. He is warm, outgoing, energetic, and sincere. He likes cycling, travelling, listening to music, horseback riding, and archery.


Hu Qinyu, Accountant, graduated from China East Institute of Science and Technology. She has got 12 years accounting experience, 8 years of financial management experience. From 2014 to 2017, She studied, worked and lived in Egypt, Britain and Ethiopia. She is familiar with the relevant tax laws and regulations, the financial management system & procedures with better cost management and risk control. She has good organization, coordination, communication skills and teamwork spirit.


Administrative Intern - Jiahui Xu (Kate)

Ms. Xu graduated with a master’s degree from Sun Yat-sen University, and a bachelor’s degree from Fujian Normal University. While studying at Sun Yat-sen University, Ms. Xu worked as a guest teacher at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis in the U.S., the world’s biggest museum for children. There, she got to learn about how to interact with children and families. Ms. Xu thinks that schools should be magical places where the learning of humanities, art, and sciences transform the lives of children and their families. She looks forward to supporting and encouraging the growth of young minds at Tsinglan!


Fenggai Zhang, Academics assistant, CPC member. She received her B.A. in teaching Chinese as a foreign language from from Anyang Normal University, and her M.A in linguistics and applied linguistics from Xinjiang Normal University. She has many years of teaching experience in in junior high school in China and also in Indonesia.


Wenjuan Zhao (Chloe),librarian, graduated from the Department of Information management, from Sun Yat-sen University, majoring in Library Science. She is a student of professor Huanwen Cheng, who is the director of Sun Yat-sen University library, assistant principal of Sun Yat-sen University and the committee member of IFLA. Borges once said, “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library”. Those beautiful sentences showed the love and expectations of library. Four years of professional studies and the devotions to reading and books will enable her to build a paradise of library for the students of Tsinglan School.


Ms. Zhang Xinsheng, a non-full-time school doctor. She graduated from the Department of Health, Nanjing Railway Medical College (now Southeast University Medical School). She is an accredited chief physician.

She worked at Health and Epidemic Prevention Station ( the station was later renamed “Center for Disease Control” ) .

She is specialized in the prevention and control of infectious diseases and health supervision for hospitals, public places, food units, production and labor places. She is also responsible for health supervision for primary and secondary schools, prevention of common diseases, health examinations for students, and health education.


Mr. Gao Niandong, assistant of Management Resources Center. He graduated from Jiangnan University and worked at Beijing Tsinghua High School and provides technical support for Shangdi Campus.  Also, he has been teaching photography as an elective course at Shangdi Campus from 2016. He is a fonder of football, ping-pong, photography and music.


Mr. Tang Yueshan, the director of the Education Research Center, a senior math teacher for high school. He has taught for 14 years at college and 20 years at high school. As an experienced teacher, he has a good command of knowledge structure and core concepts and has made intensive research in interdisciplinary teaching methods, project-based teaching and personalized teaching. He has rich experience in teaching and management. He was the director of administration office at Changsha University, the assistant to the president of the Municipal Teacher Training School, the director of the Municipal Middle School Teaching and Research Section and the assistant to the director of the Dongguan Teaching and Research Office. In addition, he is an active researcher in education. He served as the executive editor of the Dongguan Teaching Research. He has written over 1.5 million words of essays, articles and books. Dozens of his articles has been published in various journals at all levels.

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