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Art,Music & Physical Education Department

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Laetitia Pahin,Art teacher.

Ms. Pahin graduated from Maryse Eloise Art and Graphic Design School. She has taught at Musée d'Orsay in Paris, France, and enjoys teaching pottery, watercolor painting, photography, oil painting, sculpture, artistic compositions, and other artistic courses. 


Elaine Du,Traditional music teacher.

Ms. Du is a teacher at Tsinghua Univeristy Middle School. At the age of 4, she was elected to join the CCTV Art Ensemble to study music, and then studied for her Master’s degree in Fine Arts at the Renmin University of China majoring in folk music, music directing, and choreography. She won first place for Jazz Group in College Hip-pop Dancing Challenges three times in a row. After studying international music in the International Communication Institution of Korea at Silla University, South Korea, she wrote an original musical drama, “Dreaming as You Are Young,” in which she was the main actress, composer and choreographer. Then she was invited to participate in large musical drama, “Rocking the Western Chamber,” serving as its art director and performing in Beijing Exhibition Center. 


Zhao Xiaodan, art teacher,undergraduate and graduate of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, has been teaching at Tsinghua High School, as a Art teacher. Always believe that aesthetic education is about both aesthetic and love & spiritual. At work, she loves art, children and teaching, hopes all children growing up with a pair of beautiful eyes. 


Frank Liu,Calligraphy teacher.

Mr. Liu is a Tsinghua High School integration teacher. He graduated from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. He comes from a calligraphers’ family, and started learning calligraphy since childhood. When he studied in Beijing, his teacher was Zhao Shufan, calligrapher, painter, and professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Mr. Liu’s calligraphy expertise is in the regular script of Ou Yangxun, Wang Xizhi, Wang Xianzhi, Zhao Mengfu, and Yan Zhenqing. He has a profound Chinese cultural foundation, and is a member of the Beijing Institute of Education Calligraphy Education Association. 

PE Teacher Team


Laurence Curtis,PE Lead teacher.

Mr. Curtis graduated from the  University of Brighton in the U.K. majoring in sports and coaching. He  has worked at the St Andrew’s Catholic Kindergarten in Eastbourne,and  at Taunton School in Somerset, southwest England. He Likes sports and traveling, and has volunteered for Football 4 Peace in Ireland, Israel, Zambia and South Korea. He likes to play handball, football, and golf in his free time.


Yan Zexiong (Chris), PE teacher, graduated from Beijing Sports University (B.A. & M.A.) majoring in volleyball. He also enjoys basketball and fitness. In addition, Yan plays Guzheng (the Chinese zither) and received a Guzheng 9th level certificate. His life motto is: Do your best!


Shao Bin,PE teacher.

Mr. Shao graduated from Qingdao University of Technology and Beijing Sports University, majoring in basketball, and is experienced in teaching and training young people to play basketball.  He understands the importance of sports to young people’s mental and physical health, and advocates developing children’s sports interests and habits early on so that sports can become a part of children’s lives. 


Liu Hongbo,PE teacher.

Mr. Liu graduated from Hunan University of Science and Technology and outdoor Beijing Sports University majoring in badminton. He also enjoys sports such as basketball, swimming, table tennis, and running. In addition, he enjoys reading about history, geography, and social science, traveling, American TV shows, music, and movies.


Wang Qizhong,PE teacher.

Mr. Wang graduated from Beijing Sports University majoring in martial arts. He once was the runner-up of the 75kg free combat, the champion of martial arts repertoire, the champion of youth martial art championship, and the champion of martial art at the 2nd sports games at Bayannur in Inner Mongolia. He is warm, outgoing, energetic, and sincere. He likes cycling, travelling, listening to music, horseback riding, and archery.


Stuart Gribben, the PE teacher. He graduated with a Sports Coaching Degree in University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK. He has been teaching in South Korea, Thailand, Dubai, Bangalore, India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia. In the summer of 2018 he is heading to Uganda to do some volunteering football coaching with a football academy in the north.

In his spare time, he is a regular swimmer, runner and keen cyclist, which brings him to triathlons. In 2017 he completed his first international triathlon which was the Bahrain Iroman.


Qiyuan Mo (Caleb), P.E. intern. He studied in Singapore Presbyterian Secondary School, and Concord First Assembly in North Carolina. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University and majored in kinesiology and was a professional table tennis player and national level athlete.  He has won many trophies on behalf of Dongguan, including sixth place in Single event of Guangdong Provincial Sport meeting, champion of Guangdong table tennis Association Cup in teams and the runner up in singles. The education he received, which prepared him to be both physically and academically sound, has strengthen his belief in Plato’s saying that a sound individual should be both academically and physically educated.  Aiming to spread such belief, he will dedicate himself to the developments of students.


Yiqi Zhang, Music intern, She received her B.A in dance performance and creative choreography from Zhejiang Conservatory of Music and her M.A in choreography and psychology from Henan Normal University . She participated in national and provincial dance related projects. Because of her rich experiences she was hired as the dance teacher by many dance institutions and schools and received positive feedback. She has rich experiences in dance performance, choreography, psychological knowledge and teaching, and strong dance foundation and skills. 


Zhang Zan (John), is an art teacher. He earned a BFA and MFA respectively from Central Academy of Fine Arts. During his studying at Academy, Zhang received several awards at Academy teaching show. In 2017, he participated in the national exhibition of fine arts and printmaking. He is extremely responsible and hard working. An independent thinker and problem solver, he is also capable of communicating, coordinating, and team-working. Flexibility and consistency are his motto. He loves art, swimming and reading.

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