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Entering the Magical World of Math

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Galileo said that mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe.

Math proofs let us discover the wonder of mathematical logic. Math games let us feel the power of mathematical thinking. Math makes us wiser and inspires us to explore the world courageously.


Michelle Lee Walker, Math Teacher.

Ms. Walker comes from the beautiful Tampa Bay town of Clearwater,Florida, United States. She graduated from the University of South Florida majoring in elementary education, and has worked in the field of elementary education since graduation. In addition to teaching, Michelle is a frequent winner or runner-up in fitness contests. She enjoys yoga, meditation, and exercises in her free time.


Greg Savage,Mathematics and science teacher.

Mr. Savage graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia (B.S. in science; M.A. in education). Greg has over 30 years of experience in science and mathematics teaching.  He has worked in boarding schools, private schools and public schools. He uses a variety of teaching methods to engage and encourage students. He built a bridge between Chinese and western cultures between himself and his students, and this bridge has benefited all who are involved. In his spare time he enjoys reading, listening to music and hiking. 




San Luis Obispo where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physics. While in Shanghai he earned his Master’s Degree in Education with a focus on literacy.

He is an enthusiastic teacher with a passion for learning. In science he has embraced a hands-on approach to teaching and firmly believe that students learn best when they learn by doing. By creating inquiry-based lessons he hopes to develop critical thinking skills in his students that extend into all areas of their lives.

His hobbies include hiking, camping, meditating, stargazing, and playing guitar.

Lorcan Byrne-数学和计算机.JPG

Lorcan Byrne, Mathematics Teacher, graduated with a BA Hons Mathematics QTS from what is now the University of Chichester. He has many years of experience as an international teacher. He understands all parents want their child to be a 21st Century Learner, one that will allow them not to just have the knowledge but to be a good global citizen, an independent learner, a confident leader, a team member. That is why he wants to work at Tsinglan School whose motto “Try “is the most important word in an Innovating environment. To his mind the process of education should be interesting and exciting. It should be a happy welcoming environment with consistent rules to create that learning atmosphere where success is celebrated. 


Mr. Christopher (Hewie) Hewetson, Math teacher, comes from the beautiful country of Canada. He started volunteering with children over 20 years ago while completing a honours degree at Carleton University in financial economics.  His passion for teaching others combined with his love for travel eventually brought him to China. Seeking to improve his own teaching ability he recently completed his PGCE with Sunderland University in the U.K. and is constantly pursuing knowledge that can support him in the classroom.  His approach to teaching comes from his core values in life; friendly, firm and fair.  He believes every student is unique and learns at their own pace, it is the responsibility of the teacher to learn the best methods to assist the student.  In his spare time Hewie loves to be with his future wife doing almost anything outdoors. 

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