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Chinese teacher


Zhao Qianxiang, chief language teacher, Tsinghua High school special-class  language teacher, won the special award of Jilin basic education, Jilin labor model, the award of national outstanding teachers, Hong Kong Bonning ton Education Foundation Willing Oxhonor award, the national primary and secondary school ten outstanding young teachers, enjoys the special allowance of the State Council. Monograph, won the fifth prize of basic education special awards in Beijing.


Wang Jun,Principal Chinese teacher.

Mrs. Wang is a Tsinghua High School master teacher. She has won the first national “Chinese Top Ten Academic Leaders” Award in 2014, National Education Reform Pioneer Teachers, National Chinese Excellent Teachers, Provincial Excellence Homeroom Teacher, Provincial Key Teachers, distinguished “National Training Plan” expert teachers at Peking University and dozens of other national universities. She won the second prize of National Teaching Achievement from China’s Ministry of Education, many first prizes of National Classroom Teaching Contest.  She has published thousands of papers, 14 books. Her "Youth Chinese" teaching philosophy has had a wide impact on the country. 


Aui Zhao ,Lower School Director and Chinese Coordinator .

A Tsinghua High School Alumni, Mr. Zhao earned a Master of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Capital Normal University. He has taught Chinese at the University EAN in Colombia, the Eisenhower Elementary School in Minnesota, United States, and then worked at Tsinghua University High School. He was a visiting student of the late Professor and acoustic phonetics expert Kenneth N. Stevens at MIT and is currently a member of the International Chinese Language Society (IACL). 


King Guo ,Chinese teacher .

Mr. Guo has won the first prize in Chinese Primary School Chinese Teaching Competition, first prize in Beijing "Forbidden City Cup" excellent homeroom teacher , Beijing "Advanced Class”, Haidian District "Excellent Homeroom Teacher", Haidian District excellent young teacher, first prize in Haidian District "Century Cup" teaching skills evaluation, first prize in Haidian District’s homeroom teacher basic skills training and evaluation, and so on.


Talia Tang,Chinese teacher.

Mrs. Tang graduated M.A. from South China Normal University focusing on metacognition and teaching practicum. She has some overseas teaching experience, and is familiar with international education. She enjoys exploring Chinese language, characters, literature, and culture together with the students, and improving students’ thinking and cultural capabilities through the process. 


Sylvia Wang,Chinese teacher.

Ms. Wang graduated from Beijing Second Foreign Language University and Communication University of China. She specializes in ancient Chinese literature and Song Dynasty poetry. She has also studied the relationship between literature and music, and her dissertation was titled “A Study of the Relationship between Chinese Zither and Song Dynasty Poetry. She was responsible for the annotations of chapters 4-7 in the book about Tang Dynasty poemtry, The Original Story of Poetry, published by the Zhonghua Book Company. She takes a unique approach to teaching Chinese, is experienced with teaching and communication with students. She also enjoys music, especially piano (level: nine), and can do impromptu accompaniment. 


Jack Wang, Chinese teacher.

Mr. Wang, an alumnus of Tsinghua University High School, Ms. Wang earned his M.A. in Chinese Studies (Chinese Language Education) at Hong Kong University of Education, is a certified teacher by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications, a life planning mentor, and a B.A. graduate from Capital Normal University majoring in Chinese language and literature. He had been involved in the development of the Chinese textbooks used at Tsinghua International School. Mr. Wang understands different educational experiences,  especially Hong Kong's international education philosophy, which he can combine with the Chinese education in the Mainland. His classes integrate Chinese education with multicultural elements, supplemented by drama, music, and presentation. 


Frank Liu,Calligraphy teacher.

Mr. Liu is a Tsinghua High School integration teacher. He graduated from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. He comes from a calligraphers’ family, and started learning calligraphy since childhood. When he studied in Beijing, his teacher was Zhao Shufan, calligrapher, painter, and professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Mr. Liu’s calligraphy expertise is in the regular script of Ou Yangxun, Wang Xizhi, Wang Xianzhi, Zhao Mengfu, and Yan Zhenqing. He has a profound Chinese cultural foundation, and is a member of the Beijing Institute of Education Calligraphy Education Association. 


Talia Ding, Chinese intern.

Ms. Ding graduated with a masters in linguistics and applied linguistics from Beijing Normal University. Her hobbies include reading, handwriting, singing, and sports. She wants to evoke her childlike innocence and immerses herself in children’s world to  nurture children’s individualities and creativity, and uses her warm heart to care for them, and guide them to appreciate Chinese language and culture. She believes in teaching and learning happens at the same time. 


Special Advisor to the Principal: WangLixin. Professor Wang graduated from the Department of Philosophy at Shandong University. He has taught at the Department of Social Sciences at the Northeast Forestry University and Philosophy and History and Culture at XiangtanUniversity. He is now a Humanities Professor and Ph.D. mentor at the University of Shenzhen. Inspired by the spirit of the sages, he has specialized in Songand Ming Dynasty Confucianism, and traditional culture persistently for morethan 30 years. He is also a guest researcher at the Institute of Higher Humanities and Social Sciences at Taiwan University, part-time Professor at Shandong University, part-time Professor of Chinese traditional culture at Wuhan University and Academic Advisor of Huxiang Culture Research Institute at Peking University.



Sam Williamson, Middle School Principal, English and humanities teacher.

Mr. Williamson graduated from Newcastle University (B.A. in philosophy, and M.A. in education). He has five years of teaching experience at the St Birinus School in Oxfordshire, UK, and has extensive experience in teaching and administration. He has been honored for his work and appointed to academic and administration positions. He has 3 years of international school teaching experience as well, including some academic administration experience. In his spare time he likes football, rugby, rock climbing and hiking. He is also a guitar player, a composer, and a photographer. 


Yajing Huang, Humanities Intern

Ms. Huang graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel with a master's degree in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies, and from the Renmin University of China with a bacholer's degree in international politics and journalism. She also did a half-year exchange program at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland studying international relations. Ms. Huang is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English, as well as proficient in modern Hebrew, conversational Korean, and literary Arabic (especially Arabic that's related to politics). She enjoys Ping Pong, hiking, cycling, meeting people from diverse backgrounds, and all kinds of stories. She also has the skills in conducting interviews, filming, and film-editing.


Jin Jijun (June):intern teacher in Chinese. June received her masters in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Beijing Language and Culture University. She taught Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University. Her strength in classroom is mind maps . She likes practicing Taichi, reading, swimming, painting and writing journals. She believes that "love" is the most valuable gift a teacher can give to students. She aspires to manage her classroom with love and care and guides children to enjoy reading.


Mengyang Li(Chase),Chinese teacher. Mr. Li received his masters in linguistics and applied linguistics from BLCU( Beijing Language and Culture University). He holds a qualification certificate for senior high school Chinese teacher and a bilingual national tour guide qualification certificate. Chase served as the HBA Chinese teacher of Harvard University in Beijing Project and Chinese tutor of the Schwarzman Scholars of Tsinghua University. He was rated as an outstanding teacher at Tsinghua High School. He advocates for encouraging students' confidence and independent learning . 


master degree in Chinese Culture and Capital Normal University with a bachelor degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. He’s experienced in teaching Chinese and have been working as an intern teacher in Malaysia. From the long-term experience of getting along with students from different countries, he became quite familiar with cultural differences between the East and West. Worked with high enthusiasm and patience, He enjoys communicating with people. He’s fond of playing soccer and anime culture, and used to be the president of animation club during school time.

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